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 Welcome to the Universal Traffic Exchange Credit Union (UTECU). We offer Solo Ads, Banner Advertising (468 X 60), Text Ad Advertising, and SUPER SOLO ADS ADVERTISING!!!   Reaching a network of Double opt-in Members from other advertising sites around the world.

Members can earn Universal Traffic Exchange Credit (UTEC) tokens by viewing ads and emails. UTEC tokens can be used to purchase advertising at hundreds of advertising companies and the list keeps growing by the day!

UTEC tokens can also be redeemed for Barter Credits which can be used to acquire goods and services from our global community ecosystem. Members can even purchase a physical UTEC "Credit Card" which allows members to store their unused UTEC to a card that can be used in person with business merchants who are members of our ecosystem.

We also offer financing of credit accounts for members who need to create large campaigns or Payment Plans for members who need to purchase training manuals for the ECFX Ecosystem Broker Certification, but may not have the initial funding or credit to do so. Here are the required training materials that can be purchased from the ebook site or from any website in our ecosystem. Contact the site admin to begin registration and testing for the ECFX Ecosystem Broker Certification:

Cryptocurrency and Advertising Credit Union:
 Nibiru Pool Credit System:
 Nibiru Pool Card System:
Global Point and Credit Exchange Directory: 

There is no upgrade to get started. Members can earn for free or purchase quality global advertising to promote your business to our active network. Please contact the site admin if you have a custom request that is not listed within your member dashboard.
Our PRO Membership
Membership Price PRO
Commissions PRO
Commission Referral Purchases 5%
Compare All Options [-]
Point Earnings PRO
Referrals 100 credits
Referral Log In Credits 10 credits
Active Referrer Rewards 5% earned
468x60 Banner Clicks 1 credits
Text Link Ad Clicks 1 credits
Solo Ad Clicks 10 credits
Sign Up Ads PRO
Credits 100
Solo Ads 2
468x60 Banner Ads 5/200 imps
Text Link Ads 5/25 clicks
Monthly Ads PRO
Credits 25
468x60 Banner Ads 1/100 imps

Commissions are paid on personal referrals for 1 tier only. Members are NOT required to make any purchase in order to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases.

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